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Redlberger-Fritz Monika Redlberger-Fritz

Group Leader

Working in the fields of virology and epidemiological surveillance we are interested in the epidemiology of circulating Influenza- and Respiratory Syncytial Viruses (RSV) as well as the genetic and antigenic evolution of these viruses. We investigate the ongoing genetic and antigenic changes and their influence on the annual Influenza and RSV epidemics.

Our present research involves the identification of Influenza virus drift variants and the detection of newly emerging influenza viruses carrying mutations associated with neuraminidase inhibitor resistance. Further we analyse the influenza epidemics in Austria and their impact on the Austrian population by estimating the influenza incidence and the influenza associated mortality. In addition we perform annual estimates on the influenza type and subtype specific influenza vaccine effectiveness. Therefore we are involved in the development and implementation of an European network for the robust estimation of influenza vaccine effectiveness (Development of Robust Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness DRIVE-project:

In addition we analyse the epidemiology and the genetic variability of RSV in Austria during the last 10 years and we investigate RSV infections in patients receiving passive RSV prophylaxis.