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Puchhammer-Stöckl Elisabeth Puchhammer

Leiterin des Zentrums für Virologie

A main current research interest of our scientific group is to uncover the NK-cell response against different virus infections. In particular, we aim to reveal the fine specificity of the antiviral NK-cell response via different receptor ligand interactions, with a strong emphasis on persistent virus infections, as human Herpesviruses. The quality of the antiviral NK-cell response as ADCC on acute primary infections may decide on the severity of disease. Even more important is probably the impact of NK cell responses over time on longterm persistent virus infections. This may influence processes of chronic inflammation and may thus have a significant impact on chronic human diseases. We also focus especially on transplantation virology, and try to reveal mechanisms dealing with virus infections in immunosuppressed patients after transplantation and its impact on transplant rejection.

Furthermore, the human virome is subject to our investigations, as well as the kinetics and interactions of non-pathogenic viruses, as Anelloviruses, and the use of these viruses and their replication levels, for monitoring immunosuppression after transplantation. Hannes Vietzen, MSc

Postdoc med.univ. Marianne Graninger

Clinical Virologist, PhD Student

Present and Former Group Members

  • Maia Segura-Wang (Postdoc)
  • Benjamin Friedel (Diploma Student)
  • Svenja Hartenberger (Master Student)

  • Simone Eberhard (Master Student)

  • Vera Danklmaier (Master Student)