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Aberle J Judith Aberle

Group Leader

Our group studies the molecular mechanisms of protective immunity with a special emphasis on virus-specific antibodies and T cell responses that play a well-established role in both viral clearance and prevention of viral disease. We focus on understanding the antigen structural factors that determine which peptides of viral surface glycoproteins are targeted by immune cells. Among some of our previous work, we identified critical epitopes in the envelope proteins of human-pathogenic flaviviruses, including Tick-borne encephalitis, West Nile, Zika and Yellow fever viruses. In this context, we also investigate genetic and other host-specific factors, with the goal of better understanding why some people become severely ill and others do not. We also study SARS-CoV-2 and Respiratory syncytial viruses with the aim to understand the impact of mutational dynamics on antibody and T cell immunity. A particular focus closely linked to other research areas of the Center of Virology, is on virus diagnostics and the epidemiology of TBE in Austria.

Present and Former Group Members

  • David Springer  (MD)
  • Michael Bauer (DI)
  • Amelie Popovitsch (MSc)
  • Simon Raffl (MD student)
  • David Florian (MD)
  • Paulina Peters (MD)
  • Isabel Santonja (MD)
  • Maximilian Koblischke (PostDoc)
  • Margareta Mayer (MSc)
  • Felicia Spitzer (Master Student)
  • Julia Schwaiger (PhD Student)