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Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Puchhammer-Stöckl - Head of the Center for Virology

The Center for Virology conducts research on human pathogenic viruses, with a focus on clinical virology and teaching

The Center for Virology at the Medical University of Vienna is a center of excellence for all current aspects of medical virology. The center has a long tradition combining basic and applied medical virology research, supported by state-of-the-art specialized viral diagnostics. The center provides numerous opportunities for teaching university medical students, as well as supporting post-doctoral training.

Teaching and training at the center covers all areas of virology for students of human medicine, microbiology, molecular biology and related subjects. We supervise diploma theses, master theses and dissertations, and provide postgraduate training for physicians to become specialists in microbiology and virology.

Research at the center includes clinical, translational and basic research in various areas of virology. Research themes are focused on understanding the pathogenesis of various viral infections, the detailed analysis of the immune response to viral infections and vaccinations, the elucidation of molecular mechanisms of viral replication, and the establishment of the latest virus diagnostic methods and their application to epidemiologically and clinically relevant problems in virology.

The center is also a competence center for medical, diagnostic and epidemiological aspects of human virology. The center serves as a contact point for clinical virological questions, acting as a reference laboratory for both national and international institutions.